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Avail Impeccable Pilgrimage Tourism Packages from the Finest Travel Agency

No one can deny the fact that Israel is one of the most scenic and pious countries of the Middle East region. From bewitching landscapes, lush green hills to beautiful archeological sites, Israel has got so much beauty to offer that will simply make you gasp in awe. It is definitely the most surreal place and it is definitely in the bucket list of many people. If you want to make yourself calm and peaceful in the magical air of Israel, then there are a number of premium travel agencies that offer the finest holy land tours packages at competitive rates. The premium tourism agency offers small group and private tours in the land of Israel that can be chosen according to your budget and requirements. They provide unique and one-of-a-kind tour packages that make you experience the grandeur of Israel with your family and friends.


The finest travel agency offers the following impeccable services to the tourist that can make their stay peaceful and comforting in Israel:

  • Galilee gourmet and wine tours

  • Catholic pilgrim tours

  • Conferences and incentives

  • Visa services

  • Airport transport

  • Guides with multiple languages

  • Tailor-made travel packages

If you want to travel to Israel and its neighboring countries, then you are recommended to avail weekly departure services. These weekly departure tourism packages are designed and developed in a way that makes you witness to the pilgrimage hubs of Israel and fulfill your dreams of travelling to an explicit land. These pilgrimage tours are of 8 days and 7 nights, where you can come to know about Israel’s ancient ruins, its skyscrapers, and its culture and heritage.

If you are dreaming to travel to holy land with your family and friends, then look no further than Regina Tours. It is a trusted and acclaimed travel agency that provides you with some of the best holy land tours in Israel and its neighboring countries. It aims to provide pilgrimage tours that are spiritually enriched with rich culture and heritage. Regina Tours is founded by Mr. Benji Shavit, who has got 40 years of experience in the realm of the travel industry. It is the one-stop destination for those who are seeking the remarkable pilgrimage tour packages.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is a premium travel agency that provides holy land tour package of Israel and its neighboring countries.

For more details, visit Reginatours.com

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How Regina Tours Helps You Avail Holy Land Tours to Israel

Regina Tours is the leading travel agency which takes pride in organizing small groups and private tours in the holy land of Israel. A wide variety of tours to Israel can be availed by getting in touch with the travel agency and the visitors can choose the best tour which is optimal for them and their family members or friends. The tour packages to Israel are designed by keeping different interests, budgets and times associated with the different tourists in mind. You can expect all types of tours ranging from daily to weekly with Regina Tours. The experienced and educated professional here makes sure that their customers get the most out of their investment in the tour package to Israel.


The holy land tours offered by Regina Tours are second to none and have been applauded by the people who had opted for it. It gives a personalized approach to its valuable customers, which is the reason why a huge number customer prefers to rely on it in order to avail a tour package. The customers who have experienced the tour organized by Regina Tours recommend it to their friends and family members, who are looking for an outstanding tour package to Israel that meets and exceeds their expectations.

With the wide range of travel agencies present in the market, people get confused when it comes to finding the right travel agency to book a tour. In such situation, if you decide to avail a tour package from Regina Tours, then undoubtedly, it would be in your favor. You can visit the official website of Regina Tours to explore more about the tour packages and customer services offered by it. If it is providing you with an opportunity to travel to holy land of Israel in a pocket-friendly manner, then you must not miss it.

You can post your details on Regina Tours’ website so that you will be notified about the suitable tour packages via pop-ups. Besides this, you can also book your tour their website to enjoy once in a lifetime experience in the holy lands of Israel. Even if you are looking for Catholic pilgrimages, Regina Tours can be of assistance. You can go to the land where Jesus was born and can visit the places where he performed the miracles if you opt to avail the packages offered by Regina Tours.

For more details, visit Reginatours.com

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Embark On a Spiritual Journey to a Holy Land of Israel

Once in a lifetime, the people want to travel to a holy land but planning and deciding a location is one of the stressful tasks they encounter. The city of Jerusalem has been noted as one of the staggering beautiful places that hold huge oodles of cultural diversity and historical richness. The cobbled streets are a home to the mouthwatering delicacies, buzzing nightlife as well as ancient museums. For the same purpose, there are a plethora of companies that lets you travel to Jerusalem and unravel its streets thus setting your foot on a journey that enlightens you.

When a person plans and visits a land of holy pilgrimage it changes him or becomes his one of the life-changing experiences. Whatever the motivation, it helps to know the life in a better way, with educating the person with the important lessons of life. The lessons frame his physical, mental and emotional being for good. Moreover, when you embark on the road of spirituality, you will experience how you become another and better person, with leaving all of the enmity, inhumanity and other negative values behind.

You can also plan a pilgrimage to Israel, the land that is popularly known as the land of Bible. The entire location is sprinkled with the innumerable holy spots and destinations, thus earning the title for itself as one of the reputed holy lands. But, what if you feel a hindrance or disturbance in your holy trips? Planning all by yourself or getting dependent on the wrong travel agency could be one of the challenging and devastating experiences of your life. Instead of instilling you with the values of spirituality and healing you get surrounded by the tensions, headaches, and hassles.

To avoid such problems, it is advisable to contact a right holy land tour operator for Holy Land Tour Package that allows you to unravel the places with no hassles. One such name is Regina Tours, which is known to offer the people with the customized itinerary, well-planned trip and right experiences that leave an indelible impact on their memory for life. The team is trained and experienced as well as knows how to cater to the needs, requirements, and budget of the people and put the same into an exclusive package. The travel package is designed specifically for you, meaning that the journey is tailor-made for you and your special ones.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is a renowned name that is known to offer the Holy Land Tours to its customers at the best possible prices.

For more information, visit Reginatours.com

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Hire the Best Travel Agency to make your Pilgrimage Tour Memorable

Have you ever been to a place that provides you with the feeling of home-away-from-home? A journey to holy places helps the people to gain the lost peace and spiritual identity and most importantly it changes the way they see the world. Not only this, it helps you by understanding more about different people, the struggle they are facing and most importantly how we see ourselves. Everybody wants to go on a pilgrimage tour to attain peace and harmony in their chaotic lives. If you are perplexed about which pilgrimage tour is right for you and if it offers the finest holy land tour package catering to your traveling needs and requirements in the best possible way. With the advancement in the internet-mediated technology and tools, you won't have to plan a tour in advance. People don’t have to worry about anything now as the proficient travel companies help the interested minds with the facility of choosing the best travel package at a scanty cost.

Nowadays, it has been noticed that people show a deep interest in visiting Jerusalem because of its magnificent and renowned spiritual centers. It is a sacred worship place for people of different religions. The sight is full of ancient buildings and high walls that were built around 4,000 years back. Therefore, in order to make their pilgrimage tour in Jerusalem memorable, happy and worthwhile, the different travel agencies offers exciting pilgrimage tour packages which further allows the visitors to travel to Jerusalem. It caters an extensive range of services for tours which are mentioned below:

  • Catholic pilgrim Flights

  • Galilee Gourmet and wine tours

  • Facility for airport transport

  • Visa services

  • Tailor-made travel

If you are searching for the finest travel agency which helps you in visiting Jerusalem without any hassles and problems then Regina Tours is the best option you can ever wish for. The travel agencies provide holy tours on the basis of weekly, daily and city breaks to the places of Israel and the Middle East. The renowned tour agency was founded by Mr. Benji Shavit who with his ample experience of more than 40 years help people with the best of traveling options and packages. It is a matter of great pride for them to offer the travelers with the most memorable trip to a holy place. Therefore, Regina Tours is a one-stop destination for those are looking for something of value while investing in a holy tour operating agency.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours travel agency is a well-known travel agency that offers the best packages of Holy Land Tours at a very reasonable price.

For further information visit Reginatours.com

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Get Spiritually Elevated By Witnessing the Journey That Once Lord Travelled

It is quite mysterious why people go for days without eating or drinking and walk barefoot to holy shrines? Some in seek of forgiveness for their sins dedicate their time and effort to go on a long pilgrimage. In ancient times it was believed that travelling an exhausting journey may rinse away all the sins. When God will have a glance at your sincere act, he may forgive you. Many people go on Travel To Holy Land for sake of getting blessings of enlightened ones. This will help them to get what their heart is longing for. Be it successful business, incurable illness or anything else god can help you with. If you are tired of your daily routine, then you can plan for a pilgrimage tour.

Sometimes in life, there comes a time when every individual is preoccupied with worldly things. Thus, the person cannot focus on the peace and positive vibes. As a result everybody needs to procure a widened perspective of life. For many people pilgrimages to the holy land can bring a good fortune to their lives and homes. It is still believed that touching a holy relic can grant you the thing that your heart was longing for. It is believed that taking pilgrim tours Israel help you to connect with the creator and feel the joy and delight.

Regina Tours allows you to find the best deal that fits into your budget and schedule. They organize daily tours, weekly departure, and city break too. They start giving their services as soon as you arrive at the airport. They provide you with pick and drop service at the airport. They provide you with the ultimate hotels and guide ensuring you the valuable experiences. They are providing you with everything you may require that too at a competitive price. They offer flights all over the globe that too at a special price to any destination. Regina Tours is the one-stop destination for all those who seek to travel to pilgrim destinations along with their family to rejuvenate themselves and to have fun.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is a leading travel agency that caters individual and small group Holy Land Tours for the past 40 years. You can have an experience of visiting sacred places and that too at affordable price.

For more information please visit site Reginatours.com.

Make your Pilgrimage Tour Special through Remarkable Travel Agency

Who doesn’t want to go on a pilgrimage tour to attain peace and tranquility in life? Amidst all the kind of tours whether it is of professional, holiday or anything else, a pilgrimage tour is a way to allow someone to encounter experience and see the power of divinity. A journey to sacred places helps in changing the perception of spiritual identity and consciousness about how we fit into the world. It helps in understanding about the true spiritual dimension through wisdom and enlightenment. Keeping in mind the importance of pilgrimage tour, there are various online travel agencies which offers holy land tour package that allows visiting and appreciating the beauty of holy sites. These tour packages cater a wide range of pilgrimage tours where people can select according to their budget, time and interest.

Nowadays, people are showing keen interest on visiting Jerusalem due to its magnificent grandeur and divine holy places. It is sacred and sanctified worship place for religions like Christians, Jews and Muslims. Being surrounded by ramparts and high-fortified walls, people are truly smitten by its royal appearance and exquisiteness. Therefore, in order to make their pilgrimage tour in Jerusalem comfortable and worthwhile, the travel agencies offers exciting pilgrimage tour which allows them to travel to Jerusalem. These travel agencies provide holy tours on the basis of weekly, daily and city breaks to the places of Israel and Middle East. It caters an extensive range of services for tours which are mentioned below:

  • Conferences and incentives

  • Catholic pilgrim

  • Flights

  • Airport transport

  • Tailor-made travel

  • Visa services

  • Galilee Gourmet and wine tours

If you are looking for the platform which caters all the requirements for your pilgrimage tour, then look no further than Regina Tours. It is the trustworthy and premium online travel agency in Israel which manages to offer small and private group tours in the land of Israel. It is a full-service tour operator and travel agency which have specialized in leisure and pilgrimage travel in the neighboring countries of Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus and Greece. The founder of Regina Tours Israel is Mr. Benji Shavit who has got 40 years of experience in the travel industry. It takes a pleasure and pride in themselves for offering family-type and warm atmosphere which has enabled them to build personal and close relationships with group leaders and clients. Therefore, it is the one-stop source for those who seek for finest pilgrimage tour packages.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is the leading platform which offers tour packages of Pilgrim Tours Israel at an affordable price.

For more details, visit Reginatours.com

Contact Travel Agency to Visit Israel and Nearby Countries

If you are planning a tour to Israel or any other nearby country and want to have an outstanding experience of sightseeing and exploring the unique culture, place, and traditions of the place then you should hire a travel agency that can match your expectations. You must look for tour operators who are expert in arranging pilgrimage and vacation travel to Israel and also allows you to explore mesmerizing places in Egypt.

You should opt for that travel agency, where you can avail all the basic amenities required such as unmatchable travel itineraries, religious travel itineraries, hotel booking, and premium services in Israel. Make sure to check that your tour operator also provides family, small group and individual leisure trips. You should approach that travel agency which has solutions for all problems faced by travelers during their holiday tour to Israel or any other country. Not only this, but the holy land tour package should also be available at an affordable cost.

Multiple travel agencies can be found across the nation but you should select the one which is expert in managing individual and group tours in Israel which can please you by providing sightseeing opportunity of holy lands in Israel and other neighboring countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. The travel agency should satisfy you in terms of budget, interest, time or any other prospect. If you are planning a religious tour to Israel then a wide range of travel agencies can be found which strive to get its valuable customers spiritually enriched pilgrim tour which would be enjoyed by them fully. A reliable travel agency allows you to explore unique combination of religion, history and archaeology offered by the country. You can also have peerless experience of travel to Jerusalem.

Regina Tours is a renowned travel agency which is always ready to get you the needed help and support if you are planning a tour to Israel or other neighboring country. You must be aware of the following travelling service offered by Regina Tours to its customers:

• Catholic pilgrim tour

• Transport from airport

• Tour guides knowing multiple languages

• Galilee Gourmet and Wine Tours

• Visa and Flight services and many more.

You can contact Regina Tours anytime to get the needed aid and assistance relevant to Israel tour.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is the fastest growing travel agency in Israel working hard to make its customer satisfied with the pilgrim tours Israel packages that it provides. You can contact Regina Tours anytime to book your package.

For more details, visit Reginatours.com

Indulge in a Soul-Awakening Spiritual Pilgrimage Tour to Israel

Planning a pilgrimage tour can be one of the challenging things to do. For a successful tour we need to know a place completely, with being acquainted with its tourist and pilgrimages spots. Israel is the renowned land of the Bible. Being blessed with oodles of pilgrimages, Israel is having its renowned history and spiritual value. Pilgrim Tours Israel is one of the sacred tours organized today, open to people of all nationalities.

Meanwhile going for a pilgrimage can be one of the life-altering experiences, or basically a transforming one. It helps you know the meaning of life better, thus teaching the visitors lessons of letting go and accepting new and better things. As you embark on the journey of spirituality, you indulge in it mentally and physically, leaving the person you were behind and accepting whole new changes.

People plan and invest in pilgrimage tours for innumerable reasons, but prominent one of them is to explore spirituality, forgiveness, and healing in oneself. These are one of the sacred journeys; the person ever sets his foot onto. But what if you are more of diverted from the path of spirituality by indulging into the hassles of planning a successful trip? Therefore, there is a need for a guide who leads you to the path of spirituality. The guide will help you plan this journey according to your spiritual needs, time and budget.

On the other hand, Israel is a holy land known popularly as the land of the Bible. Various pilgrimage sites are situated all over the country making it one of the best spots for Holy land tours. Israel is a land that is enriched with rich proportions of archaeology, history, and cultures. A trip to Israel is one of the trips that come in a lifetime, awakening your soul spiritually, soothing your mind and making you more connected with the lord. The various holy sites having the presence of Jesus transcribed into it attracts people. If you are looking for a tour operator that helps you discover the in depths of this biblical land, making you explore popular Jewish places or churches, then look no further and contact Regina Tours.

Regina Tours is one of the renowned pilgrimage tour operators offering the group of people a customized itinerary, thus offering an enthralling experience. The tour is planned according to your budget and needs, through a dedicated team that makes you wonder more and care-less for the world. Thus, making you more connected with the holy land.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is one of the trusted tour operators that offer the finest services so that you can travel to Jerusalem, on a trip that is spiritual and soul awakening.

For more information, visit Reginatours.com